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Welcome to the Garden of Intuitive Insights.

A safe haven where you can obtain peace,

understanding and clarity in your life.


With the present situations on our planet, we are all going through transformations in our lives. With this, more and more individuals are opening up to an awareness on an intuitive level, accepting this as a part of their daily lives. Often there comes a desire to seek answers for themselves to gain clarity in what is transpiring in their lives... and more often are unable to find those truly qualified to give such counseling. Thus, a need has developed to offer individuals quality intuitive counseling from those trained, certified, licensed and experienced to do so and at affordable rates.


The Garden of Intuitive Insights was created to help fill this need.

Here you will find what you are seeking.


For a fun, exciting, and with possibly life changing results, call for your'll be glad you did.

Call: 503-560-5248


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